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Manda Collins Author Services

About Manda I’m a multi-published author with two decades of publishing knowledge and experience under my belt. Much of publishing is out of your control, but let’s control every last bit of it that we can!

What You Need

· an experienced author with the ability to spot big picture problems both before and after you put them on the page

· invested in helping you achieve your goals as an author

· a straight-shooter with an empathetic manuscript side manner—no soul crushing on my watch
· a knowledgeable reader who can spot historical inaccuracies from miles away

· a sensitivity reader who has lived experience of the marginalized stories you’re telling

Why Me?

 I have 14 years of experience as an agented, NY Published author of historical romance with mystery elements

· For nearly 40 years I’ve read every subgenre of romance and umpteen mysteries (both cozy and gritty), thrillers, and procedurals.  

· I’m an experienced beta reader and reviewer with an eye for genre expectations

· I hold an MA in English, and specialized in Victorian Lit so I have an especially keen eye for historical detail (esp. 18th and 19th century England).

· Having lived with congenital heart disease, childhood cancer, amputation and more (!) I can offer sensitivity reads with an eye toward making your disabled characters feel authentic and help you portray them in the most thoughtful way possible

· I’m an excellent listener and there’s no problem in publishing that I haven’t either heard about, encountered myself, or talked somebody through.

Got questions? Email me here

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