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Anchor 10
An Heiress's Guide to Deception and Desire
(Ladies Most Scandalous Book 2)

ISBN: ‎ 978-1538736159

ISBN10: 1538736152

Coming November 16, 2021

England, 1866: Miss Caroline Hardcastle has finally found purpose in her life, bringing attention to insidious crimes against women. But her parents' unexpected return from the Continent jeopardizes Caro's hard-won freedom. They present her with an ultimatum: marry into a title . . . or else. Caro is confident that no gentleman would wed an on-the-shelf journalist, no matter how large her dowry is. But when a dear friend goes missing, Caro finds her best ally is also the nobleman she once dreamed of marrying.

Ever since a devastating heartbreak in his younger years, Lord Valentine Thorn has stayed clear of the parson's trap. Only now, with the lineage in danger, does Val agree to find a bride - with the condition his heart remains unattached. But when his cousin becomes entangled in the disappearance of a young actress, Val finds the only one with any answers is also the only woman he ever dreamed of marrying. Despite their complicated history, Caro and Val reluctantly agree to an alliance, vowing to ignore the passion that still burns between them. Yet with danger growing nearer, can they move forward from the past - before death does them part?

A successful and thoroughly enjoyable mix of mystery and romance. -Kirkus

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